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Staff Welfare & Recreation

Staff Excursion and Sports Day

Having an understanding of the importance of health and wellbeing of the staff, and how it has a direct impact on the company’s success, the sport-loving leaders of Da-Chung encourage the company staff to engage in outdoor sports and activities. We regularly hold outdoor social events such as excursions and sporting activities for staff members and their families. The six-weekly company sports day has become a resounding success in terms of positive reactions from our staff members.

Sport Center and Dance Studio

Despite being located in an expensive area of Taipei, Da-Chung designates a floor of the HQ building for a sport center and a dance studio - a thoughtful and generous gesture which demonstrates how the company cares for its employees.

Da-Chung's central kitchen

Da-Chung's central kitchen reflects our commitment for ensuring the health and safety of our employees. We prepare healthy, varied and balanced vegetarian meals for our staffs in lunch time. As well as we prepare home-made snacks in the afternoon-tea time.

Spiritual Lectures

The spiritual lecture is a place for learning, sharing and spiritual growth. After a week of stress, strain and fatigue, these lectures help our staff members to introvert the restless mind, experience inner peace, and explore themselves.

A modern drama shot on Sep. 25, 2015
Staff danced on Sep. 25, 2015
Fine Meals from the Central Kitchen
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