Policy for
Environmental Protection

Cherish all global resources

DC does cherish all limited global resources, we not only insist in both product quality and technology development but also give a resource reduction impetus. All products have to meet environmental protection requirement.

Obey EU requirement

Green process apply & approval by SGS to fully meet EU WEEE/ROHS requirement.

Implement environmental protection in life

DC believes that "DO NOT ruin the precious Nature" is a must for a long-lasting company. This kind of challenge and sincerity are necessary for a successful company. All employees in DC have common consensus that bring a shopping bag and our own tableware when we are going out. We do recycle the resources periodically and classify then reuse. We also do encourage all our employees go to work by mass transit or bicycle. We not only do exercise but also reduce the exhaust emissionregularly.

Da-Chung has attained RoHS Environmental System Certification.


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